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Since 1985, Plantmasters has been your choice for interior landscaping, holiday decorations, silks, artificial plants and much, much more. We are masters of plant care! We are your one-stop shop for living plants in public and private spaces.

A beautiful, trouble-free interior planting installation is a project that begins at the nursery and ends with the client’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

Keeping our clients’ plants healthy and beautiful is the purpose of our guaranteed maintenance program. We’ve mastered the complexities of interior horticulture so that you can enjoy your plantings year after year.

We offer an expertly edited selection of the best plants, planters and matching architectural accessories. From design to budgeting, Plantmasters brings our horticultural expertise, aesthetic awareness and product knowledge together to better service our clients.

The options are endless. Our staff of design professionals can take you from concept to completion. Our experience and knowledge of interior landscape is vital in assisting our clients in the design of attractive plantings. Choosing the right plants is the first step in creating a comfortable atmosphere. Plants that will thrive in your workplace offer a livability that no other office accessory can offer.

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Ongoing Care
Protecting your investment is our main concern. Once your landscape has been installed, our trained, uniformed technicians will visit regularly to care for each plant. We strive to keep every plant as healthy and attractive as possible.
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Our maintenance and guaranteed replacement program includes a full guarantee on all plants under contract. Your plants will be watered, fertilized, cleaned and trimmed. Any plant that begins to lose its vitality will be promptly replaced at no additional cost to you.
Plantmasters extends the range of services we offer by including:
  • Floral Plant Rotations
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Exterior Planting and Colorscaping
  • Holiday Decorations
 "Our Origin"

Plantmasters is a 24-year-old, family-owned interior landscape company that has served the Wichita metro area and the mid-central region of Kansas since 1985. At the beginning, we serviced one account per week, which took us one hour to maintain. We are now proud to care for designs and displays of tropical plants and flowers for hundreds of building lobbies, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, financial institutions and restaurants.
Our interior division specializes in interior landscaping and maintenance. We provide design, guaranteed maintenance, delivery, specialty programs, installations, plant products and more. We offer a wide range of plant services and materials for both public and private clients.
We ship directly from Florida to our warehouse facility, which is equipped with special sodium vapor lighting. This method of housing plant materials has proven to be the newest and most innovative way of acclimating plants for the indoor setting for which they have been selected.
Plantmasters brings more than just experience to the table. Its founders, Gary and Margo Loop, possess degrees in horticulture from Kansas State University and in education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Prior to their marriage, Gary had the opportunity to work in several horticultural occupations across the country. He soon realized that he could combine his talent for design with his knowledge of horticulture to create beautiful interior surroundings. His ideation and knowledge along with her attention to detail and ability to teach, has proven to be the winning combination that has brought this company to life!

We believe that this is a special company where our customers are our partners. We aim to exceed our customers' expectations at all times by providing high-quality, proactive account management - a service which our customers say they value. We strive to be the premium priced provider of maintenance services for corporate clients. We believe that caring, friendly and knowledgeable people create a happy customer experience.

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