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In order for you to create a totally integrated interior environment, Plantmasters offers an expertly edited selection of the best plants, planters and matching architectural accessories – all in one convenient package. Plantmasters offers many plants and planters. Standard and sub-irrigation plants are uniformly full, with healthy deep green foliage and fully developed root systems. Planter selections offer key items, including metal, fiberglass, stone, plastic, polyester resin and basket manufacturers.

Living plants can enhance the atmosphere and image of both public and private spaces. From corporate lobbies to individual offices, plants bring forth the freshness of the outdoors, boosting morale and the productivity of employees and visitors alike. Plantmasters can create professional office images and environments using living plants.

Lighting Level Guidelines
Light is the single most important factor determining the success of interior plantings. Plantmasters classifies plant materials by their minimum light level requirements as seen in our plant selection guide. Note that within the range given for each category, the higher level is preferred. The lower light is tolerable. So, be aware that most plants will flourish in light levels higher than their classification and that plants placed in lower or marginal light levels will require frequent replacement. When you have a question about what plant will work where, you can rely on our years of experience and education in specifying plants that endure.
Specifying Plant Size
Overall Height of Plant from Base of Growing Container to Top of Major Foliage
Spread: Overall Width of Major Foliage
Grow Pot: Nominal Diameter Measurement of the Original Nursery Pot

Low Light Plants (L) – No Visible Shadow When Your Hand Is Held 29” from the Floor (50 to 100 Foot-Candles)

Low Light Plants (L) – No Visible Shadow When Your Hand Is Held 29” from the Floor (50 to 100 Foot-Candles)
Medium Light Plants (M) – A Visible Shadow When Your Hand Is Held 29” from the Floor (100 to 250 Foot-Candles)
HIGH LIGHT PLANTS (H) – A Sharp, Visible Shadow when Your Hand is Held 29" from the Floor (250+ Foot-Candles)

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