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For a FREE estimate and consultation, contact Plantmasters. We look forward to sharing our years of expertise with you and your landscape needs. Our skills range from design to delivery and installation – and more. Indoor plants are clean air machines, so when you work with Plantmasters, you’re not just beautifying your indoor environment, you’re also helping your health and the health of those around you.
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Christmas Trees and Decorations
  • Tropical Plants
  • Interiorscape Designs

Plantmasters’ Interior Services
Our interior division specializes in interior landscaping and maintenance. We provide design, guaranteed maintenance, delivery, specialty programs, installations, plant products and more. We offer a wide range of plant services and materials for both public and private clients.

We ship directly from Florida to our warehouse facility, which is equipped with special sodium vapor lighting. This method of housing plant materials has proven to be the newest and most innovative way of acclimating plants for the indoor setting for which they have been selected.

Design and Budgeting
Years of horticultural experience and education combine to lead our expertise in all aspects of plant needs. Design options take into consideration the aesthetic value of the plant materials, as well as analyzing traffic patterns, defining spaces, plant groupings and creating a sense of well-being and comfort. Virtual design plays a major role in the presentation process.

Delivery and Installation
Select nurseries chosen by Plantmasters not only grow superior foliage, but also have shade houses to condition plants for the low light levels of interior spaces. Plants are meticulously cleaned, skillfully pruned and will be free from insects and disease.

building a planter
Plantmasters ships directly from Florida, Hawaii and California. Our suppliers grow specifically for the interior landscaping industry and the tropical plants are acclimated specifically for the interior environment. Once we receive the shipment at our warehouse facility, our special sodium vapor lighting further acclimates the foliage for your facility. Prior to installation, the tropical plant materials are pruned, trimmed and fitted for a sub-irrigation water system, as we prepare for delivery.

Plantmasters provides sub-irrigation watering systems for areas ranging from a simple office environment to a larger atrium space. Subirrigation takes the “guesswork” out of watering, so that your foliage environment maintains a well-polished look. Our knowledgeable staff is well-trained in several different systems and the installation of each.

watering plants
Guaranteed Plant Maintenance
Keeping our clients’ plants healthy and beautiful is the purpose of our guaranteed plant maintenance. We have mastered the complexities of interior horticulture, enabling you to enjoy your interior setting year after year. Our account reps will oversee your account from the beginning of the installation and/or from the takeover of your account.

Account reps are responsible for the ordering, installation and overall care of your account. With scheduled maintenance, they will supervise the watering, replacements, pruning and insect and disease control of your facility. Certified pesticide technicians will use pesticides and pest controls that are certified to be legal and safe under Kansas law.

Plantmasters will apply these controls only when necessary for insect and disease control. Quality assurance checks are done on a regular basis to ensure your facility is held to our highest quality standards. Click here to review a sample quality assurance form.

Our highly trained plant technicians and reps provide complete care for your interior settings. This care includes many components.

  • Proper Water and Fertilizer
  • Control of Insects and Disease
  • Watering Plant
  • Foliage and Plant Cleaning
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Pest Controls
Specialty Programs
Flowering plants, custom-designed floral arrangements, exterior colorscaping and holiday decorating are just a few of the programs offered at Plantmasters. Our long history of specialty programs takes our “full service” one step further.
Seasonal Décor
Plantmasters specializes in the design and installation of the best holiday decorations for corporations, businesses, malls and homes.
  • Trees
  • Wreaths
  • Garland
  • Scenes
  • Poinsettias
  • Props

We can do it all, from small wreaths to trees 20 feet high! Live and artificial trees are designed in traditional or contemporary décor. Custom holiday scenes and props are also designed by our staff. Brilliant poinsettias are installed and maintained by our crew to keep your holiday colors looking vibrant. From design and installation to storage, Plantmasters is your complete holiday package.

If your Christmas past have had people saying “Bah, humbug!” turn to Plantmasters. We’ll make sure your Christmas future doesn’t make you look like a Scrooge!

Whether you choose a richly traditional motif, a décor-coordinated contemporary look or even a theme expressing corporate identity, trees, wreaths and garland can transform your interior spaces. Poinsettias can be used to accent a reception area or to create a tree that's 20 feet tall.

Color Rotations
Flowering plants and custom-designed arrangements bring a special vitality to any setting. Chrysanthemums, poinsettias and kalanchoes or exotic, long-lasting bromeliads can frame an entrance or accent an atrium garden. Buildings complemented by well-designed exterior plantings and seasonal blooms make a statement of community and environmental consciousness. For maximum impact, consider the drama of a custom-designed exterior planting program that colorfully changes from season to season. From a simple entrance planting to an elaborate garden, Plantmasters can enhance your surroundings.

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